Betta Mountain Camp

What we offer

Mountain camp is approximately 1.5 km from the main ground, just across the gravel road. This site is designed to experience the scattered mountains that occur in the Namib Desert with no disturbance. All around the mountain camp the magnificent mountains are visible. This site is perfect for group tours to bookout the entire place and have the whole “Lapa” area, swimming pool and braai facilities exclusive to themselves.

Mountain Camp can accommodate up to 16 people in the Luxury camping chalets and unlimited campers at the two campsites depending on sharing preferences.

At the mountain camp we have 4 Luxury Camping Chalets as well as 2 basic camp sites next to the pool.

Luxury Camping Chalets

Uniquely designed to get the feeling of camping but with a little luxury. The chalets are made from corrugated iron sheets and have an open-air bathroom on the left-hand side. Each chalet is equipped with 4 three quarter beds split into two separate rooms with an iron sheet wall in between.

The chalet is
equipped with air conditioning. The shared ablution can also be used for those that do not prefer the open-air bathroom.


Two basic campsites next to the swimming pool. Equipped with a braai area, running water, washup facilities, and power supply point. The “Lapa” area is a complimentary service that can be used by all mountain camp guests. Shared ablution.

The “Lapa”

The “Lapa” is a huge thatched roofed, open area, surrounded by a fresh glance of green grass.
Equipped with two refrigerators, a gas oven and stove, running water with washup facilities, dining facilities for big groups of people. Cutlery and utensils can be provided upon request.

The “Lapa” is designed to have a spot where big groups of people can gather, enjoy each other’s company, and have the astonishing view of the mountains all around them. A swimming pool is offered as a complimentary service to all mountain camp guests.